Beginning Ukulele Review

Hi everyone! Many of you know me as the creator of Rainbow Ukulele for the classroom. I am so proud of that curriculum, but also know I am like you – I didn’t grow up playing the ukulele, and I don’t have a degree in string instruments. I am not a violinist, nor am I Jake Shimabakuro. But I am a music educator who fell in love with the ukulele, and wanted to share that passion with students! The research I did this year might be beneficial to those getting ready to start an ukulele unit!

Basketball in Music

We are finishing up Unit 1: Rhythm and I feel like I have brought out all the “old material,” already tried some cool new material (like centers!), but was still missing something. I have great rapport with my kids, but sometimes have a hard time reaching my “too cool for school; all I love is sports” kiddos. I also needed a way for them to be actually practicing reading the rhythms. Therefore I created a self-advancing PowerPoint presentation and timed it so that the notes they dribbled highlighted in red.

TpT Quote Banner

I know you have seen them – they are the latest rage on TpT. It is used to be fancy to have a link in your header to facebook or your blog or wherever. Then it was to put a picture in the header. Now we have moved to slide shows! Still don’t get it? Visit my store and check it out! You can see it in my other store too! When I opened my store, I got great feedback from a lot of very sweet people! However, I think the biggest comment is “How did you do that?” Well, it is easier to just…



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