Music room of Pitch Publications.

We went back to work on Thursday morning and had most of the day to work in our rooms.  When I entered my room it was quite barren.  In addition, for whatever reason during painting this summer they had a need to to remove my Ukulele board.  No one seems to really know what happened.  The ukes were in a recycle bin and my rugs were nowhere to be seen.  I finally found them in the speech room (?) and at the end of the day my room looked roughly like this.  Note: this view makes my room look huge! It is pretty big but not quite on the same scale as it looks.

Music room of Pitch Publications.

I would have gotten more done, but I spent 2 hours at our welcome back lunch, quite a bit of time chatting to our new team members and too much time running back home!  My husband had our kids for the day, and I drove off with all the car seats.  I fixed that and an hour later realized I also had his car keys.  Major family fail.  I will finish up my room early next week and post a proper look at what is going on in my room.

It was nice to see all my work friends and I am excited about our new team members.  I think it will be a great year!



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