Music Education Blog Carnival: September 2016

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The music education blog carnival is a monthly post hosted by different music bloggers.  Each blogger selects a few music posts recently written, and shares why they selected it.  I had a lot of great posts to choose from!  This has been a very fun post for me to put together.  I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I have!

Find out more about the blog carnival, read previous posts, and find out how you can host one on Mrs. Tanenblatt’s blog.

Respecting Copyright on TpT

This post on copyright from Music Educator Resources was my favorite this month.  I have seen an alarming number of products posted that are breaking someone else’s trademark or copyright.  Everything from Minions, to song lyrics/quotes, to Star Wars, Pokemon, and more.  These products are illegal.  Even the free products are illegal to post.  As an author myself, I want people to respect my work and therefore, like Jennifer, you won’t see me posting these resources.  Please read her awesome article!

Flexible Seating in the Music Room

Aileen Miracle over at Mrs. Miracle’s music room wrote about flexible seating.  This is all the rage in the general classroom and she brought it into the music room.  I have a daughter who had some challenges that flexible seating might meet one day.  I look forward to reading an update on how it goes!

Talking to Kids about Emergency Situations

David Row at Make Moments Matter has done a great job giving some tips on talking to kid about emergencies.  Unfortunately, this is something we must all be ready to do now.

Tuneful and Trendy

Christine Skog from Elementary Etudes has a fun blog linky party going on – she is discussing what to wear to work!  Our profession is unique because we need clothes that look professional but also allow us to move around and meet the needs of our active job!  Check out her ideas!

Volunteer Organization made Easy

Michelle W from Music with Miss W has a great blog post on using Sign Up Genius, one of my favorite programs for organizing volunteers!

Lesson Ideas for Carmina Burana

Jennifer Hibbard with The Yellow Brick Road has some awesome ideas for incorporating this piece in your class.  In fact, all her ideas for song-based lessons are awesome!

Cool Incentives for the Classroom

Linda Seamons from Floating Down the River has the coolest idea for recycling crayons and making a neat incentive for the classroom!  I want to try this with my kids!

Sub Plan Organization

Nobody does organization like Elizabeth from Organized Chaos.  I want to hire to come organize my classroom and my house.  Every nugget on organization she shares is gold and this post is no different.  Read how she organizes her sub plans.

Let Us Chase the Squirrel

I love anytime that I can incorporate books into my lessons! Aimee from O For Tuna Orff has a neat idea with a classic song!

Super Heroes in the Music Classroom

Sally from Sally’s Sea of Songs has some awesome ideas for incorporating the super hero theme in your music room.  I am in love with this bulletin board!  Click through to read all of her ideas!

Help Students Feel the Beat

Sandra from Sing Play Creatively is one of the most creative people I know.  Her ideas are fabulous and so engaging for students.  Check out her fresh ideas for teaching students to feel the beat!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy these posts!

Wrapping Things Up

My final advice? When in doubt, bake cookies! (Pillsbury makes an excellent pull apart cookie dough, I must say). A dozen cookies on someone’s desk can make them feel warm and gooey inside (pun intended). This strategy has been around since the beginning of time and is a tried and true method.

If you are new at school and looking for lessons for the first day, you might also enjoy this post on first day lesson plans! 

Who did I miss? Any other key people in school we should add?



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